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We asked Team Ambit to submit their pets for a chance at the prestigious title of Ambit Mascot. The nominees are in and the competition is fierce. Who will take home the win? It’s up to you to decide. So, take a break, kick up your feet and read more about this year’s candidates. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to cast your vote!

chili (1)
Hi, my name is Chili, short for Chilindrina!

I like to work out (using my dad’s weight lifting belt) and love shopping. My preferred mode of transportation is by bag, box or purse. I love trying new things, as you only live once (or 9 times in my case!). I value hard work, and like to keep a close eye on my dad while he’s working, to make sure he doesn’t slack off.

My first order of business as Ambit’s mascot would be to start a petition for Lams to bring back my favorite canned food, so everyone can get the proper fuel to stay energized throughout the day.

Nominated by Nick Sanchez

Biker Pom
Hi, I’m Audrey the Pom, aka Pom, Pomkins, Little Bear, Bear Cub, Buck Wild or BeeDub.

I aim to live forever, because I love food and if I die, I won’t get to eat anymore. My friends describe me as a super-cute, badass lionheart. I embody the spirit of Ambit, small but mighty. Much like Ambit, the big dogs fear me and all dogs respect me. I have no fear, and I never quit (throw me a ball, and I’ll show you). I’m always up for an adventure – on the back of motorcycles, to the top of mountains and across the country. A 10 mile hike on 4” legs? No problem! My first order of business as Ambit’s mascot would be to initiate an industry wide stress reduction movement – take a 5 minute break every hour to play fetch!

Nominated by Matt Ford

Hi, I’m Flynn, also lovingly referred to as ‘Dammit Flynn’.

Once a year, I will provide you with an awesome sweater with matching cap, scarf and gloves (some assembly required). My special skills include opening gates and letting all the other alpacas out, lifting lids off feed bins (and gorging until I can’t move) and snuggling with my sidekick, Rufus the Quality Control Cat. My friends would describe me as a fun-time party animal! I’d be a great fit for the Ambit mascot because, dude, come on, I’m an alpaca. Just like Ambit itself, I am unique and special. My first order of business as mascot would be to host an awesome picnic with lots of pronking (look it up) and treats. And of course, a spitting contest (which I’m sure to win).

Nominated by Claudia Klaus

Hi, the name is Honeybun.

My friends describe me as fiercely loyal, versatile, easy going and quiet, but tough. Like Ambit, I’m willing to travel long distances, I never complain and I get along with just about everyone.

My first order of business as Ambit’s mascot would be a networking event. I love meeting new people and value relationships, as do the team members of Ambit. I’d make it my mission to make Ambit a household name for all the right reasons and the gold standard in consulting!

Nominated by Sarah Burgi

Leo is the name, loungin’ is my game.

I’m part Doberman, Sheppard and Rotty. I love being photographed, I do some part time risque modeling and regular selfies as well. I love everyone! I’m full of energy, friendly and can devour a box of peanut butter biscuits. 

I’d be a great fit for the mascot position because I love people and people love me! While sometimes goofy and clumsy, I am quite cute and oh so loveable. 

As mascot, my first order of business would be to organize events to promote love, togetherness and peace throughout the Ambit office and beyond.

Nominated by Nick Sanchez

I’m Lucy!

People love how my eyebrows move when they talk to me (you know I’m listening!). My friends may say I’m a bit bipolar…I’m a lover, but can also be a bully, and almost always happy! Unlike some of the other candidates, I am a real, gorgeous dog (not a stuffed animal). 

My first order of business as Ambit mascot would be to get glamour shots for everyone and print full size cutouts of myself to post around the office for motivation.

Nominated by Allen Cummings

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Miley.

I’m incredibly intuitive and empathetic. I can read my owner’s emotions and know when she’s not feeling good.

My friends describe me as curious, rough and high-spirited. I’d make a great mascot because I’m super loyal and will do anything for the ones I love – I’ve always got your back!

My first order of business as Ambit’s mascot would be treats for everyone!

Nominated by Lynn Comstock

Hello there, I’m Grey!

Something unique about me? While many of the other candidates may snore while sleeping, I snore while awake! I’m energetic, friendly smart and – of course – incredibly wrinkly.

My wrinkles may not be representative of my age, but they are representative of my wisdom.

I’d make a great mascot because I’m basically already a part of the team – and love each and every team member!

My first order of business as mascot would be to help instill healthy habits in all, starting with carrots in the break room!

Nominated by Alexis Daley

Zoey SnapChat Queen
Hi, I’m Zoey – but you can call me Princess Zoey.

I’m often described as sweet with a touch of crazy (aren’t we all?!). I’m playful, happy and feisty and love to hop and spin around at the same time. I’m proud of my acrobatic abilities! I’d be a great mascot because I love people, adore attention and don’t bark when in business mode (although I have enough emotional intelligence to know when I can use my bark). I’m similar to the Ambit team members in that I just want to do a great job (I wouldn’t mind an ear scratch or a pat on the head in return!). 

My first order of business as mascot would be to create a fundraiser for other animals less fortunate than me. There are too many sweet animals in shelters or rescues that need a helping paw and together I know we can make a difference!

Nominated by Tammy Lies

IMG_E2487 (1)
Yo, yo, yo we’re the Puppy Squad!

While we aren’t officially running for the position of mascot, we just wanted to show you how cute we are! Just look at us, we’re unbearably cute. We’re always up for some tail-wagging, bouncy fun. If we were to be nominated as Ambit’s mascots, we can assure you our first order of business would be to pee on the floor and chew up each team member’s shoes. Yum!

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