At Ambit Consulting, our focus is exclusively on Wireless
Telecommunication Land Survey services.
5000+ Sites Surveyed
Our extensive experience in land surveying has allowed us to develop
and improve the survey standards for customers nationally.
Setting Survey Standards
We strive to consistently exceed our customers' needs and expectations,
meeting deadlines and delivering high quality customer service.
Understanding Customer Needs

Ambit’s Immutable Laws

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in everything we do
We constantly strive to provide the highest quality product and outcomes for our customers. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and do whatever it takes to get there.
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Customer Centric
Our customers are truly at the core of everything we do. Our focus on providing the highest quality customer service is what sets us miles apart from the competition. Due to our extensive experience, we understand what you need, and as a result our completed projects regularly exceed customer expectations.
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to meeting deadlines
Timelines and deadlines can be stressful. We're here to alleviate that stress through effective communication and responsiveness, keeping to the agreed-upon schedules and deliverables.
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Giving Back
to our communities
We're deeply integrated within the communities we serve, and this includes giving back to charitable organizations that support causes we care about. Our team regularly participates in programs like Pat's Run, Adopt a Teacher, and MARSOC. Read more on our blog.

Quality means doing
it right when
no one is looking

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Who we are

Our team is committed to providing unmatched, high quality customer service. With over 5000 sites surveyed and an exclusive focus on wireless telecommunication land surveying, we are well-equipped to handle all of your surveying needs.

Ambit’s Standards of


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How we make it work


The team

In the Field

We are elite! We are road warriors, traversing the country at a moment’s notice to meet the needs of our valued customers. We are fast, efficient, and professional in every way!

The knowledgable

Production Team

Tight Deadline?  Not an issue for us, this is where the magic happens! Ambit Consulting’s Production Team dominates the telecommunications survey industry by maximizing our team’s knowledge base and pioneering a new industry standard.

Streamlining your project

Management Team

Mediocrity & complacency are our enemies! We are obsessed with improving ourselves, our teams, & Ambit as a whole to separate our elite team from any competitor – and best serve our customers.

Setting the standard for Wireless
Telecommunication Land Surveys

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The Ambit Team
focused exclusively on your wireless telecommunication land survey needs

(Not pictured, David Hunt.  Click Here)

We've completed projects for all major carriers
and tower companies

Customers’ recognition and support inspire to keep
developing and achieve perfection.

Ambit exhibits a level of attention to detail and customer service that easily sets them apart from any other firm that I have worked with.
Jeff Peterson
Coal Creek Consulting
I worked with Matt and his team while employed by Reliant Land Services. From timely site visits to detailed finished product, Ambit's work is always impeccable.
Pete Ferraro
Telecom Professional

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