Ambit All-Hands Fall Fiesta

Ambit Consulting’s Fall Fiesta was in full swing at The Yard in Tempe. We all came together to celebrate wins, meet some new teammates and have a blast with the whole team!




Ambit Consulting Blade of Honor

Allen Cummings was also awarded with the Ambit Consulting Blade of Honor after five years of service. Allen has accomplished a lot since joining the team in 2013. He started at Ambit as a trainee in the field and after years of wearing several hats in the Southwest & Northwest market, Allen now heads up field operations in the Northwest Region for Ambit Consulting.  We’re all very proud of Allen and we’re thankful for what he has done for the Team.  Allen is well on his way to becoming a licensed surveyor, we’re super excited to see what the future holds for this Ambit All-Star!

Thank you Allen for all of your hard work!