And the Championship Belt Goes to…Allen Cummings!

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in the career of one of our exceptional teammates, Allen Cummings.

Allen began his career at Ambit over 10 years ago as a field technician. Through hard work, self-study, and unwavering commitment to his team, Allen eventually took over our field operations. While manning the helm for the field team, Allen implemented several policies and procedures which made an immediate positive impact on our timelines and quality. His efforts as field manager will continue to serve our team for years to come.

Recently, Allen decided to move into the office to gain experience on the other side of production and operations. We at Ambit, are very proud of Allen’s professional development and are confident that he will continue to excel in his new role.

After 10 years of service, Allen has proven himself to be a true champion for Ambit Consulting. So, at our annual field team dinner he was awarded the official Championship Belt!

Please join Team Ambit in thanking Allen for all he has done for our company and clients! Congratulations, Allen, for your continued success and for earning this most prestigious of honors.

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