Ambit Consulting Lends a Helping Hand to Child Find

Last month, on June 29, 2016, Matthew Ford, owner of Ambit Consulting, and Scean Ripley, a principal at Ambit Consulting, visited the Tacoma Public School Child Find office meeting with Dr. Dianne Heckman, Assistant Director Special Education Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator. Child Find is a free and confidential screening service helping families who have concerns about their child’s development, from ages 2 years and 10 ½ months through enrollment in kindergarten. Child Find assists in locating, identifying and evaluating if children need early intervention or special education services.

The purpose of this visit was to make a donation, from Ambit Consulting, to this wonderful organization helping in the community. As with most of Matthew’s charity, giving a cash amount was too easy. A member of the Ambit staff contacted the Child Find department and asked for a list of their immediate needs. In the past Ambit has donated to school teachers and their lists are very typical of classroom needs: school supplies, books, and the like. But Child Find’s list was a little different. It included games, puzzles, dolls, a kitchen set, strollers, etc.

At the visit Dr. Heckman was so excited to see the many boxes filled with their needs. Dr. Heckman took Matt and Scean on a quick tour around their office, showing them the different stations they have set up for their evaluations: vision, hearing, motor control, behavior (emotional and social skills), speech or communications, and self-care. Dr. Heckman noted that the games and toys assist them in evaluating young children. As they interact with these items, the staff can evaluate many of the developmental strengths and weaknesses a child has. Often, we in society take for granted that a 3 or 4 year-old can play with a doll, walk a stroller, play with puzzles. But, as Dr. Heckman noted, families that come to these screenings have an idea that their child may have development needs.

The supplies provided by Ambit Consulting will assist Child Find in opening two centers in the community and help them in their mission of finding families and children needing assistance with developmental needs.

“These toys and games will touch hundreds and hundreds of children in the community and allow the Child Find staff do amazing work on behalf of those that have no other options,” said Dr. Heckman.

With an enthusiastic, “Thank you for giving so much to those that have so little,” Dr. Heckman received the generous donation from Ambit Consulting.