Ambit Proves Commitment to Leadership Training

Team building and team leadership development are core tenets of Ambit Consulting. Throughout the years, we’ve brought in experts to guide our team in furthering their leadership and management skills. Most recently we worked with Dr. Karen Jacobson.

Ongoing training and education for our leaders has a powerful impact on our team as a whole. Research shows that effective leadership results in everything from increased workplace productivity and employee retention, to improved succession planning.

We feel our dedication to continuing education for our leaders strengthens our team and our business and, ultimately, enhances our client’s experience with Ambit.

For Ambit’s most recent leadership training, we partnered with the incredible Dr. Karen Jacobson. Dr. Karen Jacobson is a high-performance strategist, speaker, and author. Not to mention an Israeli Military Commander, doctor and Champion Ballroom Dancer.

Dr. Jacobson has translated her unique skill sets into high-performance programs for leaders and companies who want the most productive, positive and empowered employees. She’s worked with 2,000+ clients—from health professionals to CEOs, best-selling authors, and national radio hosts.

The training program was an eye-opening, educational experience for our leaders who worked through key challenges, discovered personality styles & motivators and embraced solutions to thrive as managers and leaders. As for working with our team, Dr. Karen stated:

“It was such a privilege working with a group of people that are willing to step into their vulnerability and open up to feedback and change…I look forward to seeing your progress and where you take this in the future.”

Thank you so much, Dr. Karen! Your insights and methods are invaluable and we look forward to more leadership sessions like this in the future.