Pat Donohoe earns the Ambit Blade of Honor

After five years of unwavering service, 2022 MVP Mr. Patrick Donohoe, PLS, was awarded the Ambit Consulting Blade Of Honor. 

Pat celebrated this historic milestone by taking his new knife on a Sasquatch hunt in a remote area in Easter Tennessee. And, just to put the debate to rest: Yes, they do exist, well at least they did……..

Over the past five years, Pat has served as our Principal for California, our Production Manager, and overall, our go-to guy for all technical survey questions. He’s kind of a big deal at Ambit and it’s hard to put into words all that he’s done for our team. 

Please join us in thanking Pat for all of his hard work! We wish him continued success at Ambit, and congratulate him for earning this prestigious award!  

Thank you, Pat!

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