Ambit Team Member Spotlight: Pat Donohoe

At Ambit, we recognize that team members are a company’s greatest asset. We create and support a culture that cultivates lifelong learning, teamwork and leadership development. Every member of our team offers a unique and valuable perspective and set of skills.

This month we wanted to spotlight Pat Donohoe, Ambit’s Production Manager. Pat has been with Ambit since 2018 and adds an incredible presence and depth to our team.

Sarah Burgi, Ambit Operations Manager, shared, “Where to even start with Pat! His experience in the field, California rules and regulations, client satisfaction, drafting, overall project knowledge and his composed, informative and supportive demeanor adds value to our team and our clients.”

He strives to keep the entire Ambit team educated on standards and emerging technologies with ongoing training seminars and meetings.

Matt Ford, Ambit CEO, shared, “We didn’t have an open position when we connected with Pat but after chatting with him a few times we really liked him and knew he’d be a good fit with the team. Pat is a f*cking rockstar!”

While mostly calm and collected, Pat’s adventures and unique “farm life” add humor and excitement to the Ambit Family. This past week we sat down (virtually) and spent some time with Pat for a behind-the-scenes look into his industry perspective and life – here is what we learned.

An Interview with Pat Donohoe

Q: When you were young, what did you imagine doing when you grew up?

I always thought I’d work on a cruise ship. I’m not sure why, possibly because of watching the Love Boat…

Q: What initially got you interested in land surveying and telecommunications?

I stumbled into this industry through a friend that I served with in the reserves.

It piqued my interest because I’ve always enjoyed making maps and really like the hiking and outdoor part of it. It went along nicely with what I’d done in the military.

Q: How did you learn about Ambit?

The connection with Ambit sort of fell into my lap, too. I moved to Tennessee and was looking for a way to work from home and found Ambit online. I sent my information in and connected with Matt. After a few conversations, I started with them.

Q: What do you feel sets Ambit apart from other companies?

Ambit’s commitment to their clients really sets them apart. Their willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done, every time.

Q: What is your take on continuing education and how do you support the Ambit team in increasing their knowledge of rules, regulations, drafting and project management?

I am 100% for continuing education.

Every meetup we have I’m putting together classes to give to everybody to keep everyone on top of new things coming out and going over standards that everyone should know as a surveyor.

Q: If you could change one thing about this industry, what would it be?

I would change the lack of training in regards to field personnel. It used to be two-person crew but now with new technologies it’s possible to work as a single-person crew and that makes it much harder to pass on information to others. At Ambit we keep the communication lines open and this helps with training and mentoring.

Which is why continuing education and team training seminars are so important.

Q: What has having a small farm and pet pigs taught you about life?

I went from living in southern California to a town of 500 people in Tennessee. It was a big change. I didn’t initially want to get any animals but my wife did. We gave it some time, then got one, our pet pig Gracie. She needed a friend, so we got Mr. Sherman.

Then, we rescued four piglets who were abandoned by their mom and kept two of them (Mr. Bear and WeeWee). Now, we have a little farm with four pet pigs, eleven chickens, five cats and our dogs…soon we’ll have some turkeys and goats too.

It teaches you a lot about hard work and how much goes into taking care of them. The morning comes a lot earlier now.

Q: What’s your favorite way to spend your free time?

It used to be playing guitar and gold prospecting…but now I just hang out with the animals, taking care of them, taking care of the property and enjoying the beauty of where I live now..

Q: What is the last show you watched on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon? 

We just finished watching the repeat of the Little House on the Prairie series. Don’t ask me why. We do get some ideas from it on how to take care of the animals. We also try to force our sons to watch, but they won’t.

Q: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Favorite place ever to go is Las Vegas, for the gambling and drinking.

Q: What is your drink of choice?

I don’t really have a drink of choice, just whatever hits me in the moment. Although I have been turning more to the fruity, girly drinks – anything with citrus fruit and an umbrella.

Q: Anything else you’d like Ambit’s readers to know?

I really enjoy what I do. I love the problem solving aspect of it and love the people I work with. Everyone is great, everyone contributes. I do miss the field portion some, now that I’m in the office. Although I’m getting older so I don’t miss it quite as much.

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