2022 Blade of Honor Recipients

It is with great excitement and appreciation that we reveal our 2022 Blade of Honor recipients…

2022 Blade of Honor Recipients

Kevin & Lynn!

Kevin Cunnagin and Lynn Comstock both initially joined the Ambit Family in 2015. Between 2015 and today they both also had some time away from Ambit for various reasons, making their total time on the team nearly impossible to determine through conventional methods. 

Luckily, we’re surveyors so we’re pretty good at math. 

Through the use of complex spherical trigonometry, solving of the Riemann Hypothesis, shooting Polaris, and half a bottle of cheap whiskey it was determined that Kevin and Lynn have both indeed been Ambit teammates for a total of at least five years. 

They therefore have earned one of our most prestigious awards, The Blade of Honor!

At our annual Field Dinner and Gala these deserving gentlemen were presented their awards by Mr. Ford, who’s presentation speech brought the audience to tears, and was followed by the typical standing ovation.

Lynn and Kevin are both tremendous assets on an amazing team, and we would like to thank them not only for at least 5 years of service at Ambit, but also for always going above and beyond for their teammates and clients.

Gentlemen, you truly raise the bar! Thank you!