The History of Land Surveying: From Ancient Civilizations to Modern Precision

This image shows the Great Pyramids of Giza in the foreground with the Milky Way in the sky above them. The construction of these monumental structures marked an important accomplishment in the history of land surveying.

Land surveying is an age-old practice that has played a pivotal role in shaping the world as we know it today. From the earliest civilizations to the modern digital age, the history of land surveying is a fascinating journey through time. Follow along with us as we explore the history of land surveying, highlighting key […]

Embracing the Future: Land Surveying in Telecommunications

A telecommunications land surveyor wearing a high-visibility neon vest peers through his surveying instrument. In the distance is a blue sky with clouds, and a mostly flat horizon with a few trees in the background.

Today, we’re excited to talk about the fascinating world of land surveying in the telecommunications industry. As we strive for better connectivity and faster communication, the crucial role of land surveyors like Ambit Consulting cannot be overlooked.  Precision Mapping for Seamless Connectivity Land surveyors play a pivotal role in providing accurate maps and data that […]

And the Coveted 2022 MVP Award Goes To…

2022 Ambit MVP Pat Donoho

Another year in the kingdom of survey has come and gone (we admit it was gone a while ago, but we’re finally getting around to sharing the good news with you folks) and another Ambit MVP was selected and recognized for their valiant efforts. The entire Ambit team casts their votes for this coveted recognition, […]

Jim Beam for All! Our Team Weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona

team ambit

At Ambit Consulting, we take pride in having a strong team that values connecting with one another and spending time together. The whole team recently got together to eat, drink and be merry in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had team members come from California, Tennessee, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona, some of them even meeting in […]

2022 Blade of Honor Recipients

2022 Blade of Honor Recipients

It is with great excitement and appreciation that we reveal our 2022 Blade of Honor recipients… 2022 Blade of Honor Recipients Kevin & Lynn! Kevin Cunnagin and Lynn Comstock both initially joined the Ambit Family in 2015. Between 2015 and today they both also had some time away from Ambit for various reasons, making their […]

Ambit Team Member Spotlight: Jade Dye

At Ambit, we recognize that our team members are committed to the continuous improvement and development of their personal and professional lives, and each of these paths to greatness looks different.  This month we got the chance to sit down with Business Manager, Jade Dye, to learn more about her ‘land surveying’ journey, her thoughts […]

Nick Sanchez Earns Championship Belt for 10 Years of Service

Recently in a dark, remote, and most definitely haunted parking lot somewhere in Southern California a battle was fought, and a champion was crowned.  That champion was none other than Ambit Project Manager, Nick Sanchez! Nick’s journey to the top began 10 years ago when he accepted a land surveyor position at a small yet […]

What a Weekend! Our All-Hands Event in Portland, Oregon

The Ambit Consulting Team in Portland.

At Ambit Consulting, we really value connecting with one another and having a strong team. However, because of Covid, we were unable to have an all-hands meeting in person since January 2020! Our goal for the first half of 2022 was to reconnect face-to-face, have a quick team meeting and training, and then, most importantly, […]

A Year in the Life of Zoey, the Ambit Mascot

A Year in the Life of Zoey, the Ambit Mascot We can’t believe it’s been over a year since Zoey was elected as Ambit mascot. And what a busy year it’s been, too! We wanted to share a little ‘behind the scenes’ update on what Zoey has been up to since becoming Ambit’s mascot, the […]

And the Award Goes To….

And the Award Goes To… As we continue to play it safe and work-from-home, a brief “All Hands” Zoom meeting was held in lieu of our Annual Kick Off Party this year. During this meeting we awarded two of our annual awards to Ambit team members, recognizing their ability to go above and beyond. The […]