And the Coveted 2022 MVP Award Goes To…

Another year in the kingdom of survey has come and gone (we admit it was gone a while ago, but we’re finally getting around to sharing the good news with you folks) and another Ambit MVP was selected and recognized for their valiant efforts.

The entire Ambit team casts their votes for this coveted recognition, awarding one individual who demonstrates exemplary teamwork, stellar client service delivery and general kick-assery-ness.

2022 Ambit MVP Pat Donoho

Shortly before being knighted by her Majesty, the Queen, Sir Tennessee Pat Donohoe was awarded Ambit’s highest honor, the coveted MVP Award.

Pat was recognized by his peers for his work on a number of important projects, and for wearing several hats at Ambit with relative ease. 

Pat not only acts as our California Principal, but he also leads our production team, is a PM for some of our key clients, and is our technical survey guru/sensei/master. 

Some days it seems like all higher level questions go to Pat! 

Through all that, along with caring for a couple of kids, 50 goats, 100 chickens, 62 pigs, a donkey (editor’s note: numbers may be exaggerated), and everything else that goes on at his little farm, Pat remains calm and cool, consistently exhibiting true leadership.

As our Operations Manager, Sarah, puts it: 

“Sir Pat Donohoe, PLS, MVP doesn’t just set the standard, he goes above and beyond. He is an integral part of the Ambit family. I am proud to work with such an exceptional Professional Land Surveyor. His experience, professionalism, management, personality and sense of style has helped Ambit to be what it is today.”

Congratulations and well deserved Pat!  Thank you for all that you do for our amazing team and clients!