A Year in the Life of Zoey, the Ambit Mascot

A Year in the Life of Zoey, the Ambit Mascot

We can’t believe it’s been over a year since Zoey was elected as Ambit mascot. And what a busy year it’s been, too!

We wanted to share a little ‘behind the scenes’ update on what Zoey has been up to since becoming Ambit’s mascot, the lessons she’s learned and imparted upon the Ambit team and how she’s leading by example.

A Road Trip to Dallas

A “road warrior” – much like our field team – Zoey started off her year as mascot with a road trip to Dallas, Texas in May and loved it! As she stuck her head out the window and watched the world zoom by – she excitedly barked Ambit updates and sang the team’s praises to fellow drivers and passerbys (and really whoever would listen!).

“The people I met in Texas were so nice! Everyone wanted to hold me, pet me and give me treats, while I divulged all the juicy details about what makes Ambit so incredible. I wouldn’t mind going back there (although I wasn’t a huge fan of the Tex Mex),” Zoey reveals about her time in Dallas.

Some Quality “Zoey Time” in the Woods

One of the things that this year taught Zoey was the importance of self-care and rejuvenation. This is something she tries to reinforce with the Ambit team too – really leading by example here.

Zoey loves camping and running wild in the trees – getting back to nature really re-energizes her – so her next trip was in the pines north of Flagstaff. Watching the deer, birds and butterflies, along with some RZR (UTV) rides and the wind blowing through her hair was exactly what she needed to come back to the office refocused and ready to get sh*t done!

Personal Growth Starts with Trying New Things

As we all strive to grow as individuals and professionals, one of the biggest areas to focus on is in trying new things and meeting new people. A holistic and expansive life experience is really what allows us to be the best version of ourselves.

So, in August, Zoey headed to San Diego to visit the beach and see the ocean for the first time.

“WOW, I am in love with San Diego and I think I am a Southern California girl at heart! There were so many new friends at the beach, I didn’t know who to say hi to first,” Zoey shared with the Ambit team upon her return.

Let’s Get Physical!

Another important lesson that Zoey works to instill in the team is the impact of movement/fitness and Vitamin D. Productivity levels, focus and mindset are all positively affected when you can incorporate fitness into your daily routine and get a little sunshine.

“Winter in Arizona is the perfect weather for sunning by the pool and going for long walks. After a busy day at the office, I make my mom take me for three mile walks. I love all the new smells and the dogs that bark “hello” as I walk by, but most importantly that feeling of accomplishment and release of “feel good” endorphins that allow me to tackle whatever lies ahead for the week,” Zoey shares about her daily fitness routines.

Enjoying the Moments

Stepping into her new role as Ambit Mascot would have been a feat in and of itself, but doing so during such a difficult year presented even more challenges.

As the pandemic fell upon us last year, many of us realized what our true priorities were. For Zoey, she wanted to stress to the team the importance of really being in the moment and enjoying each day. “To help demonstrate this, most days I really just kept my mom (Tamara Lies) company while she worked. I got really good at laying down on my pillow under mom’s desk and sleeping. Truly  the little moments of the day,” Zoey reveals about appreciating the small things in life and her mindset around enjoying the day.

While the pandemic has made it difficult to get out and see people in-person, Zoey hopes to get a chance to spend more time with her co-workers and Ambit clients in the coming year.