What a Weekend! Our All-Hands Event in Portland, Oregon

At Ambit Consulting, we really value connecting with one another and having a strong team. However, because of Covid, we were unable to have an all-hands meeting in person since January 2020! Our goal for the first half of 2022 was to reconnect face-to-face, have a quick team meeting and training, and then, most importantly, relax and blow off some steam from the past few busy months. 

After a weekend in Portland, Oregon, we can confidently say… mission accomplished!

Kevin Cunnagin, PLS winning the MVP award.

We were surprised at just how needed this was and had almost forgotten about the importance of getting the team together a couple of times a year. 

Being spread out from the West Coast, to Tennessee, most of our communication is over the phone, Zoom, and email. However, despite how effective this virtual communication has been, this trip was a good reminder that you cannot substitute face-to-face interaction.

Everyone got to town on a Thursday, and met at the hotel bar for a happy hour that lasted until they kicked us out! It’s possible we set records for the longest any one party has ever occupied a table in that bar, and the largest bar tab for a party of 20 or less, but the bar has been around for over half a century and it’s impossible to know for sure. Either way, it was a great start to the weekend!

A trip to the Portland Zoo in the rain.

Friday we had a team meeting in the morning where much was discussed. One highlight being that the coveted M.V.P. Award was announced and given to Mr. Kevin Cunnagin, PLS. Kevin received a trophy, certificate, paid day off, and a customized two-night staycation with dinner for two. What a prize! While our M.V.P. race is typically a tough choice between two to three teammates, 2021 was a landslide victory for Kevin and we could not be prouder of all of his hard work.

After our meeting, we took a break from the action and as a team, went to The Portland Zoo.  Although we had some rain, it was relaxing to meander through the park and check out all the animals and


We ended the night with a wonderful team dinner followed by some well-deserved after-dinner drinks. 

Good times were had by all and we can’t wait to do it again during our 2023 Kick-Off Party next year!

The Ambit Consulting team.