And the Award Goes To….

And the Award Goes To…

As we continue to play it safe and work-from-home, a brief “All Hands” Zoom meeting was held in lieu of our Annual Kick Off Party this year. During this meeting we awarded two of our annual awards to Ambit team members, recognizing their ability to go above and beyond. The awards handed out at this meeting were the “Big Idea” award and the “MVP” award.

The “Big Idea” Award

The “Big Idea” award is given to someone who submits an idea to me on something we can do to improve as a team. If the idea is implemented that person is in the running for the award, and management votes on the best one.

This year, Heather Gruenberger is the winner of our “Big Idea” award! She provided a new process idea for field crews to track/report expenses and manage vehicle maintenance that helps streamline our internal operations and improve efficiencies. Heather will receive a trophy and a monetary bonus!

The “MVP” Award

The “MVP” Award goes to an individual who goes above and beyond during the year. Teammates award each other points (at Ambit, we call them Duckets) when they recognize someone doing something outstanding. Whoever has the most at the end of the year wins and is crowned MVP.

This year, the “MVP” Award was awarded to Nick Sanchez. Nick will receive a trophy, a paid day off, a 2-night staycation in a luxury resort & spa at the Wigwam Resort, dinner for two on one of the nights and $200 in spa credits. But best of all – bragging rights for the year!

“For over eight years Nick has consistently stepped up for our team in several different ways. Throughout 2020 his efforts were truly above and beyond – earning him a steady flow of recognition from his peers. This recognition culminated in Nick being awarded our coveted annual MVP award. Nick’s leadership and teamwork serve as examples of what it means to be an Ambitonian, and set the bar high for the rest of us as we forge ahead in 2021. Thank you for showing up at 110% every day Nick, congratulations and well deserved sir!”
– Matt Ford, Ambit President

We continue to appreciate the efforts of our entire Ambit family and place importance on recognizing these efforts and accomplishments throughout the year.

Are you a client or colleague that wants to send a shout out for one of our team members? Please email Tamara Lies at with who you’d like to recognize and details the reason for recognition.